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Corporate strategy

Invest. Build. Grow. Prune

We help you realise your true value by defining the right businesses to be in and designing the structures and performance management systems to maximise synergies.


How we help

Focused on performance.

We bring discipline and focus to your corporate strategy.

Clarify your group vision

Many Indian companies expanded into new and sometimes unrelated areas in periods of rapid economic expansion but subsequently struggled to nurture and grow those new businesses. We work with owners and top management to understand your aspirations for your business and articulate a clear vision for your future.

Evaluate your portfolio of businesses

We evaluate your current business portfolio based on your inherent capabilities and what is required to succeed. We also assess the synergies across the portfolio and the effectiveness of your parenting approach in realising them.

Develop management structure and systems

We help you define the right functions to perform at the group level and how best to track performance across your different businesses. We then clarify your organisation structure and design appropriate strategic planning and performance management processes.

Articulate merger & acquisition strategy

Where business units are found to be poorly aligned with your group vision and capabilities, we develop strategies to divest or defocus. Where we identify gaps in your portfolio, we help you frame the right acquisition strategy.

Why we are different

Depth meets breadth.

We combine deep strategic thinking with cross-cutting industry expertise to get a faster grip on your corporate challenges.

We bring analytical rigour

When companies enter into new businesses they can get attracted by superficial opportunities without understanding the underlying economics. We apply analytical rigour to understand the true potential of each business in your portfolio.


We leverage organisational insight

Our deep expertise in organisational dynamics and capabilities provides a truer picture of your ability to succeed in the different businesses you operate.

We apply cross-cutting expertise

Our expertise cuts across industries enabling us to quickly get to grips with your group portfolio.

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