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Who we are

Bright minds. Brilliant team.

We are a pioneering management consulting firm, collaborating with visionary leaders to create adaptive strategies for today’s complex and uncertain world.

Our Values

Our actions are guided by the five foundational values of our firm.

Striving for excellence.

We believe excellence is a process, not an end-point. We continually strive to raise the bar, for ourselves and for our clients, in order to achieve exceptional results.


The commitment to candid advice is in our DNA. We believe clients hire us for our independence and our objectivity, therefore we never shy away from telling the hard truths business leaders must confront in order to move forward.

Always learning.

For us lifelong learning isn't a buzzword. It’s a belief we practice every day. Through self-directed learning, reverse mentoring, and pioneering research, we have built a culture that keeps our people and our clients at the leading edge of management thinking.

People focused.

At Petonic we believe in exploring people's true potential - whether in our clients' organisations or our own. It is thanks to this deep and enduring commitment that we can be a catalyst for transformational change.


Your strategy is your source of competitive advantage, therefore we adhere to the strictest levels of client confidentiality during our engagements and beyond.

Our people

We believe that the quality of our advice is rooted in the diversity of our people, their commitment to your success, and their passion for overcoming your toughest challenges.

Invested in your success.

When you work with our people you aren't just working with highly skilled consultants, you're also collaborating with owners and entrepreneurs, whose long-term professional progress is intimately linked to your business success.

Diversity of talent.

Our wider view of talent brings a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to our teams, helping foster a culture of critical thinking and discussion. So you can rest assured that our strategic recommendations have been tested from every angle.

Global perspective.

Our international team brings experience from markets, businesses and leading universities around the world. Combining a global perspective with our deep India expertise.

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