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Business Unit Strategy

Play well. Stay ahead.

Helping you make the right decisions for strategic business units to build competitive advantage, grow market share and increase profits.

How we help

Playing to your strengths.

We evaluate your capabilities in light of competitive threats and market opportunities to develop a winning business strategy

Develop a true picture of your industry landscape.

We bring a fresh outside-in view of your business situation by scanning the horizon to spot emerging threats as well as opportunities for future growth. Using our proprietary tools like Peripheral Vision and Competitor DNA we identify subtle industry shifts and potential competitor moves that could impact your current competitive advantage.

Benchmark your performance.

We compare your business with your strategic group to illuminate important differences in performance. We then look inside to assess the capabilities and culture from which you derive your competitive advantage. By weighing these internal factors against the external market reality, we identify the strengths that are likely to endure and the weaknesses that could undermine your business model.

Identify and evaluate strategic options.

Having captured your industry and business context, we identify strategic options and evaluate them in terms of their likely effectiveness and your capability to execute them.

Chart your strategic course.

Based on your enduring capabilities and your industry's dynamics, we help you set a course for the blue oceans of opportunity that can sustain profitable growth into the future.

Keep strategy execution on track.

By building adaptiveness into your new business unit strategy, we help your team execute effectively whatever way the winds blow.

Why we are different

Power of insight

As experts in industry and competitive analysis, we produce powerful insights that lead to distinctive strategies.

We are experts in industry economics.

Our deep understanding of industry economics helps us better predict how the rules of the game can change in the future and how it might impact your business.

We understand competition better.

Our expertise in understanding competitive dynamics helps you stay one step ahead. By applying principles of game theory and behavioural economics, we are better able to anticipate competitor responses to your strategic moves.

We generate more and better options.

As strategic thinkers we appreciate the power of multiplying your options. Our experts develop a wider range of choices that broadens your strategic vision and expands your potential field of play.

We align resources with opportunity.

As a results-driven organisation, we know that successful strategy execution depends on the sustained commitment of resources to the new direction. By identifying and attaching resources to each major initiative in your new strategy, we remove the ambiguity from implementation.


We possess a powerful proprietary toolkit.

Our comprehensive range of internally developed and tested tools bring unique and powerful insights to our work. Making your strategy more innovative and impactful.

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